Aug 6, 2012

OOTD & Shopping in Munich & Mini Review/Haul

Jeans- Dr.Denim High waisted jeans 'Nº3 Solitaire'
Lacy top- Jennyfer

Bag- Beautifully handmade in Guatemala & bought there on a spring vacation many years ago. 

what's your most tribal-looking bag you own? Mine is definitely the one I wore in this outfit. 


MUNICH, Germany! woohooo. So I managed to go to Munich today as I'm currently in a small village half an hour away from there! I went with my parents because there were various things we needed to buy. One of which was my belated 'Report Card present'. Since both of my sisters got the newest Nintendo, I was allowed to choose between either money or something of my choice. I've always watched my mom put makeup on and use products from a company called Origins. I've been borrowing her stuff from there and booyy let me tell ya their products are truly amazing. 


1.GinZing” is described as a “Refreshing eye cream to brighten and depuff”. I’ve actually tried this product before becuase several  times when my mom bought some products with me there, they gave me a few samples of this. I personally thought it was amazing. I’m not sure if it depuffs your eyes as it claims but it definitely does brighten the area surrounding your eye because the cream has a really nice, light shimmer to it which gives it a beautiful natural glow. 
2.High Potency Night-A-Mins” is described as a “Mineral-enriched oil-free renewal cream”. I’ve also used this before and thought it was very nourishing. It’s Especially good if you have dry skin as I do.
3. “A Perfect World Cleanser” is described as an “Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea”. I tried it out today and the after-wash made my skin feel really soft and smooth. However, I cant base my opinion on only one use so I will have to form & write a proper opinion about it in a week or two. 
4.A Perfect World Treatment Lotion” is described as an “Age-defense treatment lotion with white tea”. It's not really a lotion; more of a liquid. I’m not so sure if I like this product yet... but i will have to get more use out of it.
5.“Have a Nice Day” is described as a “Super-charged moisture lotion with SPF 15 Sunscreen”. I took this because I wanted to have something light to use during the day and since it was moisturizing AND had some SPF in it to protect me from the sun during summer, I was more than happy to get it. I haven’t used it yet though but just like the other two products, I will have to form an opinion in a week or two.
Disclaimer/Tipp: Ask for advice on what to take for your particular skin type. These are just the products that the lady working there suggested to me. The person working at the stand/store will know what would work best for you so don’t hesitate to ask! Also, if you have’nt already, you should rub the testers on your hand to see how they react & look like on your skin!

Overall I LOVE origins not only because of their quality but also because they formulate their products without substances that may be bad for your skin & overall health (so that means Parabens, Phthalates, Propylene Glycol, Mineral Oil, PABA, Petrolatum, Paraffin, DEA, Synthetic Fragrance & Animal ingredients). This leaves their products to be very healthy & organic without having to worry what's going into your skin. hehe. For that reason, even though their products are quite pricey, I think they are SO worth it. 

Do you use Origins Products or are you thinking of trying them out? If so, which ones would you recommend/ were you eyeing? 

I also got these Super Cute Dangley Earrings from 'I am'.

Okay so I was watching Nikki Philippi’s workout video on YT and when she was showing her workout outfit, I fell in love... with her shoes. Seriously, I’m love-love-loving the neon trend so when me and my mom stumbled accross a big sport department store I just had to look for them and win win, they had them. 
Unfortunately they werent on sale in this color so I got them for 119 Euro but they have quite a variety of colors (If you want the check them out click here). I tried them on and thought they were the comfiest shoes in the the world. My mom ended up buying them for me as I needed them for school gym... 
What I also love about these is that not only are they light but also, the Shoe Tounge isn't like a loose one but it's actually attached to the rest of the shoe, if that makes sense? ahh I don't know, I just couldn't love them more ehhe

Do you own a pair of these? If not, go try them on in your closest department store & tell me they aren't super comfy!

-aïda xo

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