Aug 31, 2012


Things Needed: Plain iPhone case of any color choice (got mine from H&M for 5 euros), a Pencil, Scissors (preferably sharper than these), and a large Flexible Diamond Sticker

First off, you want to flip over both the Flexible Diamond Sticker & The iPhone cover, placing the cover on the edge of the Sticker so that it's one side less to cut. 
Secondly, you want to trace the outline of the iPhone cover using the Pencil (this step met be very accurate and precise)!

You then need to cut it out and take off the sticker-protector (is that what it's called? haha i actually don't know).

Last but not least, stick the sticker on the case et voilá, you got yourself a super cute very affordable and easy-to-make blingy iPhone case!
yaaay, I really enjoyed making this. Once again, its quite inexpensive - I mean the case itself cost 5 euro and the flexible diamond sticker cost 7,25 euro so thats a total of 12,25! I still have a lot of the sticker left so I'm thinking of going out to buy some more plain cases at H&M as they are selling them in stores now. I'm gonna experiment with different styles and would love to maybe even sell them in the near future! Going a bit too far with the whole selling thing? haha. 

Anyways, hope you might try this & if you do, tell me how it turned out! 
 -aïda xo

Aug 29, 2012

DIY: IPHONE CASE: Leopard Print

Things Needed: Plain iPhone case (bought this in H&M for 5 Euro),Nail-art Brush, Black nail polish, Gold nail polish, and A small piece of a sponge.
First thing you want to do is let the Gold nail polish sink into the surface of the sponge a bit. Then you wanna dab the gold onto wherever you please in circular and half circular shapes on your iPhone case to give a few of the leopard prints a shimmery effect in the middle later on.
Using the Black nail polish & Nail-art Brush, draw around half of the border of the golden dotted shapes you've just created. That will also help you get the feel of the type of pattern the leopard print has. Continue doing so with different sizes until you feel it's completed. 
Et Violá! This is how mine turned out. As you may have noticed, I left the sides untouched Just because I feel it would be a bit too much for my own personal preference.
I'm very happy with this project as it basically only cost me 5 euros since I'd had the nail polish and brush laying around already & the outcome is pretty cute! I have some other DIY iPhone case ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned in for that!

Tell me what you thought of it & if you're going to try it out! 

-aïda xo

Aug 28, 2012

Summertime Sadness

Summer's coming to an end, buhu. I've had a lot of time to reflect on myself and hope that this school year, I'll live fuller than I did before in the sense that I'll truly appreciate what I have and won't miss out on any chances passing my way. I also hope to bring joy to those around me
-aïda xo

Aug 26, 2012

New Room

I found out I'll be living in Luxembourg for yet another year so I want to make the best out of it and that includes having a pretty room haha. This was originally my sisters' room and I somehow convinced her to switch with me since I liked the lighting better and the bathroom is connected to the actual bedroom. 

It was originally light blue so I painted it white a few days ago (my arms are still hurting like crazy because I did all 4 walls myself in just one day- I was very impatient)!

For my 16th Birthday, one of my presents was money so that I could buy a few things for my room. Some of which include the silver cushion with the bling-y button for my Chair, the Sparkly Silver Blanket on my bed and the faux Sheep Fur hanging on my radiator. If you want to know more information on the decoration, I'd be more than willing to tell you where I got them from and for what price, Just ask!

-aïda xo

hope this might've inspired some of you!

Aug 12, 2012

iPhone cases?

Helllooo. So lately i've been obsessed with looking up iPhone cases as I think they can accessorize your outfit really well if you have a variety of them but in reality, I only have one. 
That would be 'Summer Glow' by the Elle & Blair Cellairis line(Here). I loved this case to death when I received my order by mail 3 months ago and I still do love it! But quite a lot of rhinestones have fallen off as well as the lining which is a bummer. I got a lot of compliments on the case and thought it was very me as I love pink and all things glitter. 

So anyway, I was looking for iPhone cases and then i stumbled upon a line of SUPERDUPER CUTE cases on Instagram and browsed the rest of them and fell in love with each of their designs. They're all studded- super cute! You can check them out on their Etsy shop here (I think it's totally worth it)!

 I definitely think I'm gonna buy a few cases from Margaux Bonnie! Do you have any cute cases to recommend?

-aïda xo

Aug 11, 2012

Travelling to Greece.

Heyyy, Greetings from Greece! Boyy am I happy to be here. I've been waiting on this moment since I left Greece last year. It sure took me long to get here though... That's what today's post will be on- my journey in photos how I got here (which could help if someone living in Germany or so wants to Travel to Greece).

Aug 8, 2012

Ciaooo x

Today I'm Off to Greece! But it will be a while until I actually get there since we have to drive down to Italy and then take the Ferry so I won't be able to post until after-tomorrow the least. That's IF I find a place with internet connection somewhere. Good news is I'm stopping at Venice for a night! I'm so excited because I've never been there but I think the artistic culture will be bea-u-ti-ful! But I'll definitely be posting pictures of my journey to get to Greece and all that jazz... eeek.

What's the next trip you're going on and are looking forward to?

-aïda xo

Aug 7, 2012


Today we (my family) went to visit my Grandfather in Germany who was living close by. We went to have lunch at a beer garden by a nice Lake :)

Dress- Thrift store in London but label says "POINT"

Bag- Zara 'The TRF Bags'
Belt- Zara (it's actually a hairband which I decided to use as a belt. I think it turned out to look really cute).

-aïda xo

Aug 6, 2012

OOTD & Shopping in Munich & Mini Review/Haul

Jeans- Dr.Denim High waisted jeans 'Nº3 Solitaire'
Lacy top- Jennyfer

Bag- Beautifully handmade in Guatemala & bought there on a spring vacation many years ago. 

what's your most tribal-looking bag you own? Mine is definitely the one I wore in this outfit. 


MUNICH, Germany! woohooo. So I managed to go to Munich today as I'm currently in a small village half an hour away from there! I went with my parents because there were various things we needed to buy. One of which was my belated 'Report Card present'. Since both of my sisters got the newest Nintendo, I was allowed to choose between either money or something of my choice. I've always watched my mom put makeup on and use products from a company called Origins. I've been borrowing her stuff from there and booyy let me tell ya their products are truly amazing. 

Aug 5, 2012

kiss those days goodbye

White Blouse- Jennyfer
Neon shorts- Zara


Shoulder bag- Zara 'The TRF Bags'

-aïda xo

Aug 4, 2012

Family reunion

Today we had a big family reunion and ate at a local restaurant (where I had a hard time finding something to eat as it is hard to eat as a vegan in Baveria) but we had a really fabulous day today for sure!

white sheer top with white tribal patterns- Zara
High waisted jeans- Dr.Denim
Shoes- Aldo

Bag- Vanessa Bruno

Aug 1, 2012

Byebye sun

Today is the day to say byeee to le sun for a few days.... Off to Germany for an annual family reunion but then after, hello Greece!