Aug 29, 2012

DIY: IPHONE CASE: Leopard Print

Things Needed: Plain iPhone case (bought this in H&M for 5 Euro),Nail-art Brush, Black nail polish, Gold nail polish, and A small piece of a sponge.
First thing you want to do is let the Gold nail polish sink into the surface of the sponge a bit. Then you wanna dab the gold onto wherever you please in circular and half circular shapes on your iPhone case to give a few of the leopard prints a shimmery effect in the middle later on.
Using the Black nail polish & Nail-art Brush, draw around half of the border of the golden dotted shapes you've just created. That will also help you get the feel of the type of pattern the leopard print has. Continue doing so with different sizes until you feel it's completed. 
Et Violá! This is how mine turned out. As you may have noticed, I left the sides untouched Just because I feel it would be a bit too much for my own personal preference.
I'm very happy with this project as it basically only cost me 5 euros since I'd had the nail polish and brush laying around already & the outcome is pretty cute! I have some other DIY iPhone case ideas up my sleeve so stay tuned in for that!

Tell me what you thought of it & if you're going to try it out! 

-aïda xo

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