Aug 31, 2012


Things Needed: Plain iPhone case of any color choice (got mine from H&M for 5 euros), a Pencil, Scissors (preferably sharper than these), and a large Flexible Diamond Sticker

First off, you want to flip over both the Flexible Diamond Sticker & The iPhone cover, placing the cover on the edge of the Sticker so that it's one side less to cut. 
Secondly, you want to trace the outline of the iPhone cover using the Pencil (this step met be very accurate and precise)!

You then need to cut it out and take off the sticker-protector (is that what it's called? haha i actually don't know).

Last but not least, stick the sticker on the case et voilá, you got yourself a super cute very affordable and easy-to-make blingy iPhone case!
yaaay, I really enjoyed making this. Once again, its quite inexpensive - I mean the case itself cost 5 euro and the flexible diamond sticker cost 7,25 euro so thats a total of 12,25! I still have a lot of the sticker left so I'm thinking of going out to buy some more plain cases at H&M as they are selling them in stores now. I'm gonna experiment with different styles and would love to maybe even sell them in the near future! Going a bit too far with the whole selling thing? haha. 

Anyways, hope you might try this & if you do, tell me how it turned out! 
 -aïda xo

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