Aug 11, 2012

Travelling to Greece.

Heyyy, Greetings from Greece! Boyy am I happy to be here. I've been waiting on this moment since I left Greece last year. It sure took me long to get here though... That's what today's post will be on- my journey in photos how I got here (which could help if someone living in Germany or so wants to Travel to Greece).


We drove off in the morning making our way to 'Ancona' (North-East of Italy). However, we decided to stop near Venice for a night. I had never visited Venice before so for me that was a must. We stayed at a hotel around 20 minutes away form Venice by bus.

There were a lot of stands as well as boutiques selling masks  and since one of the things Venice is known for are their beautiful masks, I went into one of the boutiques and felt obliged to by some and I ended up buying 5 as I fell in love with them!


We drove off to Ancona in the morning and arrived in the afternoon. We got on the Ferry. I was very pleasantly surprised with their service and accommodation :)


We arrived at 'Igoumenitsa' and drove to Athens! I'm actually on a Greek Island so from the port in Athens, we took another ship which brought us here.

I'm just enjoying the super hot weather although if you ask me, I think it's kinda too hot. Coming from 15ºC to 32ºC+ is a lil' too much of a change pour moi. But ahh well, I think I'll survive!

How has your Summer Vacation been so far? Done anything you've never done before?

-aïda xo

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