Aug 12, 2012

iPhone cases?

Helllooo. So lately i've been obsessed with looking up iPhone cases as I think they can accessorize your outfit really well if you have a variety of them but in reality, I only have one. 
That would be 'Summer Glow' by the Elle & Blair Cellairis line(Here). I loved this case to death when I received my order by mail 3 months ago and I still do love it! But quite a lot of rhinestones have fallen off as well as the lining which is a bummer. I got a lot of compliments on the case and thought it was very me as I love pink and all things glitter. 

So anyway, I was looking for iPhone cases and then i stumbled upon a line of SUPERDUPER CUTE cases on Instagram and browsed the rest of them and fell in love with each of their designs. They're all studded- super cute! You can check them out on their Etsy shop here (I think it's totally worth it)!

 I definitely think I'm gonna buy a few cases from Margaux Bonnie! Do you have any cute cases to recommend?

-aïda xo

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